Another small CAD challenge for Higher Graphic Communication students, this time involving the loft command, . [June 2016]

Inspiration for upcycled design can be found at www.harveymetals.com/test/ . [June 2016]

N5 Design & Manufacture notes on design factors added . [June 2016]

N5 Design & Manufacture notes on product aesthetics added . [June 2016]

N5 Design & Manufacture notes on woods added . [June 2016]

N5 Design & Manufacture wall furniture layout template uploaded, . [June 2016]

A great sketching resource from Wacom and Xplain [May 2016]

Bender from Futurama is to test your 3D CAD modelling skills… [May 2016]

Try and make a 3D CAD model of this child’s bike, [May 2016]

WE LIKE MINIONS! Try this challenging CAD challenge if you are about to study Higher Graphic Communication, [May 2016]

Some more 3D CAD practice … Time for the new Higher Graphic Communication students to get practicing…  [May 2016]

Some helices 3D CAD practice for Higher Graphic Communication students, [May 2016]

Graphic Communication Students - Understand these CAD techniques for your upcoming exams! [April 2016]

Advanced Higher Project Marking, . [April 2016]

More Higher Graphic Communication CAD practice… This time the ‘revolve’ tool. Find them [April 2016]

Some Engineering Science… and [April 2016]

Thanks to Scott Gordon and Deans Community High School for this fantastic Graphic Communication project! [April 2016]

Thanks to Andy Phee, who has created some fantastic revision material for Advanced Higher Graphic Communication! Here [April 2016]

Another Higher Graphic Communication CAD technique practice added [April 2016]

More, Higher Graphic Communication practice CAD… (Extrude), [April 2016]

Higher Graphic Communication practice CAD techniques (Sweep) (Now updated!), [April 2016]

S2 ‘Hung up on Design’ task now coming online, [April 2016]

Need an isometric grid sheet? [April 2016]

Thanks to Warner Printing PLC, we have 10 videos on commercial printing, useful for both Higher and Advanced Higher Graphic Communication students studying for the upcoming exams. See them . [April 2016]

We’ve added some sketches for practicing manual illustration techniques. Find them [April 2016]

We’ve added some 22 videos on graphical design elements and principles. Find them [April 2016]

Simple two point perspective sketching video added [April 2016]

Earbud Winder Design Folio trace sheet for a folio has been added [April 2016]

We’re starting to upload our own stock images for rendering and DTP. A link for them is in each project where they need to be used. Alternatively,

S1 Design Time project going online … [March 2016]

S1 Earbud-winder project resources added [March 2016]

N5 Design and Manufacture Quick Design Tasks added [February 2016]

N5 Graphic Communication Project Zoovineer! Brief and Spec. [February 2016]

N5 Graphic Communication Block and Pin Solidworks tutorial video [February 2016)

S2 Cardboard photoframe Solidworks tutorial, [February 2016]

S2 Digital Design Brief uploaded [February 2016]


We have a vacancy for a new teacher to join the team. If interested, get in contact via contact@DETstudio.com

Higher Intersectional Drawing Practice [January 2016]

Higher Sectional Drawing Practice [January 2016]

Earbud winder design folio task [January 2016]

Higher Engineering Science Course Assessment Task guidance

S2 Graphic Design and DTP tasks starting to go online [January 2016]

Higher Graphic Communication Course Assessment Task Guidance [January 2016]. Remember, your assessment task is 50% of your final grade!

N5 Design & Manufacture Course Assessment Task Guidance [January 2016]

N5 Graphic Communication Course Assessment Task - are you ready? [December 2015]

Lego CAD task added ! [December 2015]

Advanced Higher Graphic Communication Prelim has been uploaded . Teachers, please email us for the password.

Interested in shaping and forming plastic?

NOW WITH NO SPELLING MISTAKES! (Oops!) to find out what you need to know for Higher Design and Manufacture. [December 2015]

Higher Engineering Science Framed Structures revision

N5 Engineering Science mechanisms notes

National 5 Engineering Science exam paper practice questions, covering electronics, pneumatics, systems and mechanisms,

Higher Engineering Science!! Huge upload of notes covering all areas of the course! Check them out . These notes have been kindly created by the fantastic team at Craigmount High School, Edinburgh. [November 2015]

We do not permission to share them with other schools, but we will try to see if we can. Any student at Perth, email contact@DETstudio.com for a password or see your DET teacher.  

N5 Engineering Science Gears & Drive Systems added [November 2015]

N5 Engineering Science Pneumatics introduction here [November 2015]

N5 Design & Manufacture Ergonomics Notes are available now, [November 2015]

N5 Design & Manufacture Mock Exam Results Delayed | Sorry class! They will be uploaded tomorrow. [November 2015]

Higher Graphic Communication Printing & Display Technologies notes (Draft) [November 2015] Please give us feedback!

Graphic Communication simple packaging task added [November 2015]

Design & Manufacture Learning Checklist [November 2015]

We want to say a big thank you to Mrs Gibson, who has left us to take over at Breadalbane High School as head of Design & Technology there. We are going to miss you!

Higher Graphic Communication AfL cover here… [October 2015]

Some design challenge tasks added to S1 [October 2015]

Gallery updated [October 2015]

We have some sad news… (for us!)

Mr. Hope has found a new job closer to home. He has been travelling a very long way to be with us. Mr Hope has been with us for 9 years and has made a fantastic contribution - constantly on hand to help with projects in the studio and round Perth High School. Making over 40 boxes as a portable stage for Drama has become legendary! We will miss you Raymondo!

SQA Standard Terms & Symbols [October 2015]

Metals Notes added [October 2015]

Plastics Notes added [October 2015]

N5 Graphic Communication DTP Task on Line and Alignment [October 2015]

Higher Design & Manufacture Specification | here [September 2015]

Higher Design & Manufacture mini-project brief uploaded here

National 5 Technical Graphics & CAD unit exam uploaded. Sorry, only teachers get to have the password! (Just email if you want the password.) .

And notes on Conservation of Energy

Now, notes on Electrical and Heat energy…

And more N5 Engineering Science energy notes on kinetic and potential energy…

N5 Engineering Science introduction to Energy

Higher Graphic Communication wall bracket drawing

Want to download SolidWorks? Click here… (you will need to get the code from us)

The section on Sections! (Sorry for the pun!)…. Anyway, N5 sectional drawings are

The Centre Lathe |

N5 Graphic Communication Task Model

Plastics Wanted! Task |

S3/4 Engineering Science Study Support - Every Wednesday lunch time - bring your lunch!

S5/6 Engineering Science Study Support - Every Thursday lunch time - bring your lunch!

Sketching 101 literacy terms added [August 2015]

Engineering Science Practice Assignment Added [July 2015]

Engineering Science Systems Notes Added [June 2015]

Higher Training Orthographic Drawings added [June 2015]

N5 Graphic Communication AifL Map [June 2015]

S1 Assessment-for-Learning Chart added [June 2015]

New Engineering Science Systems notes added [June 2015]

New videos on designers added for Higher Design & Manufacture [May 2015]

Higher Design & Manufacture Part 1 project brief uploaded… [May 2015]

Design Factor notes (overview) added now in N5 Design & Manufacture [May 2015]

Notes on Function for Design and Manufacture online now! [May 2015]

Engineering Science notes and tasks going online now… [May 2015]

Notes on Lookin’ Good! Aesthetics in Design and Manufacture here [May 2015]

Some N5 Design & Manufacture project notes going online [May 2015]

Want to know about the N5 Graphic Communication course… Gantt chart

Some images of the S4 and S5 work going up. [April 2015]

Some new woodwork projects added (and a lot more to come!) [March 2015]

Some freehand sketching from our excellent S1 students! #Proud [Feb 2015]

How would you make …? [Jan 2015]

The new SQA Exemplar Papers have been added for Graphic Communication and Design and Manufacture (Higher Only) [Jan 2015]

N5 Design & Manufacture project coming together - Boombox V2 [Jan 2015]

A brief note about metals… [Jan 2015]

A brief note about wood… here [Jan 2015]

Introduction to DTP terms, [Jan 2015]

Gallery update, with S1 work now added [Jan 2015]

N5 Graphic Communication, practice assemblies and exploded views [Jan 2015]

N5 Graphic Communication, practice your orthographic and isometric drawing [Jan 2015]

Try the modelling challenges … Good practice for up coming Graphics prelims… [Dec 2014]

New video on sections added (yes, it is Christmas, but hey…) [Dec 2014]

Merry Christmas and a happy new year folks!

S1 Earbud Winders getting completed [December 2014]

Documentaries on graphic designers added to Higher Graphic Communication [December 2014]

Just about everything is new right now. Check out all the course material added in the different sections [December 2014]

Howdy folks! Long time since the last update from uspokerrundown.com - we have been busy planning a redevelopment of the DETstudio. We will soon be changing to our new platform - DesignClass. The new site will cover all the Design and Technology subjects and will have contributions from many passionate designers and engineers. Don’t worry, all our old material will be ported across to the new site and lots of new stuff will be added too.

We really want to build a sharing community with lessons and resources to support teachers, parents and young people get excited about design, engineering and science. Like this awesome site dedicated to batteries

Well Done to Lori in S5 Graphic Communication and her fantastic final render!

October 2016 - Higher Graphic Communication book released by BrightRED!