Qualification Subjects

Design & Manufacture

Design and Manufacture is a course designed for people interested in designing the products or services of the future.


You will learn about the design process and how this is used to solve complex problems. A blend of developing both practical skills and design-thinking will see you use different materials, machines and processes to create the products of the future.

Graphic Communication

Everybody uses graphics. From watching TV and playing video games, to architects and advertisers, graphics are the backbone of the modern world.


You will learn about Computer Aided Design, engineering drawing, 3D printing, visualisation and animation through to graphic design, photography, desktop publishing and professional printing.


Engineering Science

Engineering Science challenges you to discover the world of mechanics, structures, electronics, pneumatics and computer control.


You will learn how products and structures actually work and how designers and engineers use technology to solve problems - from simple traffics lights, to controlling the speed of motors for drones.

Practical Craft

Stuff needs to be made and to make stuff properly, you need to have the knowledge of materials and tools and the skills to use them to create beautiful and functional  products.


Every good designer or engineer should have experienced what it is like to make something. In craft courses, you will learn the professional techniques to fashion materials into products.

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